The Owl Drug Co.
The Owl Drug Company is only THE MOST famous drug store among collectors (bottle collectors, drug store collectors, owl collectors,
etc.)! Quoting "Old Owl Drug Bottles and Others" (yes, in 1968 a collector's book was written on the subject), "The Owl Drug Store was
created in 1892 and the first store was at 1128 Market Street, San Francisco. The store continued to branch out until it became nation
wide with stores in a dozen states and as far East as New York. The Rexall Drug Co. Bought out the Owl chain in the 1930s..." All sorts
of glass/bottles from The Owl Drug Company can be collected from prescription, medicine bottles to soda bottles, poison bottles, pill
bottles, medicine dose glasses, and on and on. Most all of them have the characteristic logo embossed into the glass--an owl sitting
on a mortar and pestle with T.O.D. Co on the mortar. Some of the bottles just say The Owl Drug Co. and sometime give the address
(city) of the store. All together there an endless variations of this logo--one wing owls, two wing owls, pot belly owl, long tail, short tail,
no tail, etc. Today, these bottles and other Owl Drug items are very highly sought after. Other items include ephemera (paper) such as
receipts, advertising, stationary, calendars, catalogs, and so on.
1 Wing
nothing small
S13-18  S13-19
2 Wings             SM
W.T. Co. AL U.S.A.
S13-22  S13-23
Old Owl Drug Bottles & Others by Al & Margaret Jensen. This 1968 book is out of print.
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San Bernardino, CA
Chetopa, Kansas
Kansas City, MO
The Owl Drug Co.
Of The Pacific Coast
The Owl Drug Co.
Medicine Glass
The Owl Drug Co.
The Owl Drug Co.
The Owl Drug Co.
New York-San Francisco-Chicago
Lewiston, Idaho